How to Survive As A Villain

a novel by Yi Yi Yi Yi (伊依以翼)

This is a hopefully persuasive primer on how to
get started reading How to Survive As A Villain,
also known as To Be or Not To Be.

This novel has quickly become one of my favourites,
and I hope that I can convince you to give it a chance !
It's got some super sexy things in it such as an enemies-to-lovers romance, discussions on the futility of war
and the cyclic nature of revenge, and canon wlw.

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Author: 伊依以翼 (Yi Yi Yi Yi)
Chapters: 210 + 25 extras
Translation: ongoing

Xiao YuAn trasmigrated into a novel. As the homosexual young Emperor imprisoning the Male Lead of a Stallion novel. This is indeed miserable, and sad. Because of this, Xiao YuAn began to work hard to survive.

But! To those cannon fodders, even if you want to badly treat the Male Lead, can you stop sending him to my bed? Xiao YuAn thinks that there’s nothing wrong in pampering the Male Lead, but that’s just because he wants to bathe in the glory of the Protagonist!

Xiao YuAn: “Don’t abuse the Male Lead ever again!!! You guys aren’t afraid of death, but I wanna live!!!”

A story that starts out with the Shou taking care of the Gong, and then, the Gong takes care of the Shou.

Genres: Transmigration, Comedy, Drama
CW: angst, suicide, attempted rape,
side character death

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Xiao Yu'An

A CEO in our world, Xiao Yu'An is dying of cancer when he's pulled into the novel to become the cruel emperor of the Northern Kingdom. Kind-hearted and gentle, he tries to right the wrongs that the original emperor committed and bring peace and prosperity to his people without bloodshed.

Prince of the Southern Yan kingdom and a prisoner of the original emperor, he's forthright and aware of his duty: getting revenge for the desecration of his country. He soon finds though that the emperor he had heard so much about on the battlefield is different from what he expected.

Yan Heqing

Recurring characters include:
Hong Xiu, Xiao Yu'An's no-nonsense maidservant; Princess Yongning, his younger sister; Xiao PingYang, a princess and general of the neighbouring Western Shu Kingdom; Xiao Fengyue and Yang Liu'An, a concubine and a member of the Northern palace guard respectively; and Xie Chungui and Li Wuding, members of the Northern army.

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